This guide includes all the ressources you need to start cracking accounts by yourself: download the tools, follow the guide and make money!
Buying this guide will allow you to create targeted dorks that will allow you to inject private databases and obtain high quality combos.
This guide comes with free support and updates.
For more information regarding the guide, just press the contact button.
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The guide contains around 40 complete pages of tutorial and ressources, including everything you need to start cracking accounts from nothing


Private techniques and private ressources are included in the guide, allowing you to have the most private combos available at time


Constant support and updates are provided with the purchase, to have the best up-to-date techniques and ressources available

STEP 1: Make HQ Dorks

STEP 2: Inject target databases

STEP 3: Dump private combos

STEP 4 : Check the combos to have accounts


Seller responded me very quickly and provided me a vouch copy.
There is plenty of useful informations in this guide, perfect for beginner or advanced users who want to learn new things, this guide cover all you need and he explain how to have access to the best cracking tools.
If you're a beginner or advanced cracker you can buy this guide.
Atchame Godlike member
E-book definitely does what it promises, you learn the basics and everything is explained so even an amateur can do it.
You are guided step by step from beginning to end and all tools needed are provided (+ extras that you might need).
Overall you definitely can't go wrong with buying this, might be a bit expensive at 40$ but hey! If you spend money on something you are more likely to put time and work into it 😉
Spooky Godlike member
The ebook compares to other ebooks has its own strengths. The combo and dork portions are well organized and thought out I can tell.
He brings in a shit ton of his knowledge combined with methods. It is 10x better than MOST CRACKING GUIDES OUT THERE AND not something you would find leeching 50 posts.
TomKirkman Legendary member
VC, I would say that ebook cover most of the steps, combo making is the most detailed one.
For the price $39 it has alot of information.
Sajmonic Godlike member
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